It is our people; so we drive forward.

We have unbeatable drive, a young spirit and innovative thinking, beaconing the new era of property development.

Since 2012, the newly founded LIKA AL GmbH has put the following principes into practice: to meet the Swiss quality benchmarks, to place a high emphasis on attention to detail, to empower our people and partners (architects, engineers, and others), and to continuously apply a dynamic attitude to an innovative approach. We believe that these values significantly differentiate us from the competition and make us pioneers of a new era in construction & real estate development in Switzerland.

Working exclusively through a well-established ecosystem developed over the years, we can provide a full range of services from identifying business opportunities to concept, investment, planning, ground-up construction, renovation, and many other construction-related services and activities.

The high-standard application of these elements and continuous self-evaluation and monitoring enable our management to take action where necessary to ensure that the end-to-end process that bears the LIKA quality mark is never compromised.

Our energetic and highly qualified workforce (currently over 300) have developed and delivered more than 100 property projects to date, thus shaping the life of several communities throughout Switzerland.

We invest our time and resources in impactful, high-value projects which are geared towards improving the living standards of their respective communities.
We always adequately account for the needs of the locals and stay committed to their satisfaction by applying our rigorous design process through which our architects, engineers, management teams and technicians execute their art.

Essentially, LIKA is a new synonym for rapid and quality Swiss solutions.


Development Lifecycle